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Article Author: June 24th, 2014

World Cup 2014 In Soccer Group Stage Final Day Overview – Groups C & D

Early games of the day 2 in Final Day in a Group Stage are from Group D.  Costa Rica are playing England in a game that will not change the picture of who qualifies and who’s not. English have already packed their suitcases and Costa Ricans will most probably face Ivory Coast in 1/8 finals. I have no disposition on this game in no way. But the other game – Uruguay vs Italy is a head to head clash between the teams after which one will qualify most probably to play Columbia in a next stage. Italians are a ver hard team to beat when they need a draw and that is precisely what they need. Italians are usually disappointing at the early stages of the tournaments but almost always find a way to qualify and like today – all they need is a draw meaning they will not have to commit themselves offensively while Uruguay will have to attack and expose their defensive end to counterattacks by Pirlo-Balotelli arrowhead. Safest bet here will be a part of a parlay double with Italy +0.5 for -230. All this because Uruguay’s only chance to use Suarez effectively is on counterattacks, but how they are gonna counterattack if Italy won’t attack at all?

In Group C we have the Greeks who need a big win against Ivory Coast and Japan to draw or lose. Japan needs a win against Colombia and the Greeks winning by less than 2 more goals over the win of the Japanese, or the draw between the Greeks and Ivory Coast and then win against Colombia either by two goals or – if winning by a goal – they will need to have more goals scored than Ivory Coast because Ivory Coast owns a tiebreaker. I’d go here with Ivory Coast +0.5 -400 for a second part of a parlay which would give us a -128 line.

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