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Article Author: December 10th, 2014

Winners Never Quit (and the quitters never win)

In recent days – I’ve been asked by immediate family and friends: why you need all this? You have more than you can ever spend, you can do perfectly fine by yourself and avoid the daily stress you’re subjecting yourself to. And for what? For whom?

Well, my answer is always the same: Passion. Vision. Comradership.

I don’t want to be just another person who came to this world to pay his bills, buy some toys and observe from the side the modern world inequities and lack of poetic justice. I have a vision. I have a faith. I have a reason to be here. Reason I created for myself.  I like it that way. I do not believe in raping the nature the way we are accustommed to. And forcing the individuals into a modern day slaveryt by creating a never ending consuming temptation without supplying the consuming means – is raping the nature. I do not believe we were born to serve anyone or anything. I believe that mother nature who engineered us to be what we are physically and mentally had a grand plan envisioning each and every individual’s part in it. And that part was not taking upon two or three hated jobs to only being able to pay the bills. I believe in total freedom to do what we like to do. It is embedded in each and every one of us. We are all coming to this world as equal members. The nature has a part for each and every one and all we have to do to find that role. For that we need to have a worry/stress free time to find that something we enjoy to do most. And once we find it  – that something that we will do even if that was for free – we will do it so good that one day we will get paid in big. That is a true nature. And our financial structures are raping that on a daily basis killing thousands of talents and deppressing the free spirit of a human being.

Well, I am sure I am not the only person who notices that. I am sure many of you share that observation. But I also have a vision and believe that I am well equipped to deliver the financial instruments to achive at least small fraction of that financial freedom – the slogan so many like to use without delivering it . And yes – I have to pay that personal price to achive my goals which is creating a mass product that can not only force to spread the wealth in a better way equality wise and thus heal the modern day economy – but apply the pressure at the right points of financial distribution, force the liquidity providers into a corner where they will have no choice but to take a notice of a regular Joe who is able to apply a new order initializing the capitalist tools for his advantage.

I heard countless times the phrase – give man a fish and feed him for a day, or teach man to fish and feed him for a life. Well, yes. No one will get hurt if more and more people will be able to control their lives without being constantly worried if they will make the ends meet every month.

Comradership is what we have demonstrated here at the RainMaker365 day by day. I am proud of all of you who have bought into the idea and the best example was the last weekend when I received countless emails with kind words full of support and the stern belief in our way. Thanks for that.

Now, to the tremendous proggress we have made in recent days  – and all thanks to that Friday morning which forced me and the team to super focus on securing the algorithm from repeating the sequence of the trades that paralysed many including us. This is a true Beta Testing and after we have overcome countless setbacks and struggled our way without looking back – I can tell you with an absolute conviction – we found the formula for a success. That formula is responsible for a fact that despite craziest market behavioral pattern I remember in recent years (and I do not need analysts to tell me that a or deny it – I can detect unpredictability hidden under fake conviction) – the BOT did not have more than two losses in a row. It means that algorithm – if was applied those days – would have created us tremendous profits.

The following sequences happened in recent days: loss of 25 MU trade, loss of 25 MU trade, win of 25 MU trade (+20), win of 25 MU trade. That  – for an example – would be translated into an algorithm language as followin:  loss of 25 MU trade, loss of 75 MU trade, win of 225 MU trade (+200). Each sequence that does not end up with 4 consecutive losses is a winner sequence for us with algorithm trading. So, the test we conducted and are still conducting it – began with the most strict criteria for entering the trade which we are losening slowly to reach the point of perfect balance. In matters of days we will be light years ahead of where we were before Friday. And all thanks to our own personal and literal black Friday. This the most defining moment for us as the creators of the BOT and you – the Beta testers. This is the moment where we go from testing to assured profits.

I know. We are learning all the time. But we did not quit before and did not quit now. And we always turned the corner and did so this time too. because the Winners never Quit!!!

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