Why? How? and the Good News, the full story

Why did we put this site together ?

websiteIn the world we’re living – unlike in the past when there were 6 day working weeks and not as much “leisure” time or venues – today we have plenty of free time on our hands and plenty of “leisure” to enjoy. Subsequently, we’re spending more money. “We” includes us individually, our family members, friends… We spend more than we used to as the leisure is there and it costs money. Creating an extra source of steady monthly income is not a “by the way” thing anymore – but the “must”, as it occupies us while preventing from us to spend at that time more money and – if we can really make money from our home convenience – we can get back the financial security we once had for ourselves and our loved ones. But we also know that there are many scammers and spammers, people with nicely put emails and videos, people we never ever heard about suddenly offering us a world out of the blue -and actually seeking out for a prey and bombarding us with “newly invented genius ideas and schemes to turn us into the millionaires overnight”. They prey on naive and unwitty to create not for us – but themselves a steady source of income cashing on motives derived from our emotional and financial needs. Not all of them – but how do we know what is real and what is not? Well, that is a first answer to why we created this site: to check those systems and test them together with you live day after day.

That was a point when we came to a realization that we can actually do for real what many others are pretending to do. We can create a real strategy and the real product to support that strategy. And most importantly – to test it in front of you, daily. Me, SportsMavin, Phixer and KingMidasTouch teamed up to create the most powerful panel to find the best resolution to the subject we all have in common: Creating an extra Source of Steady Monthly income. And in order to do it, because of all the experience we already have in that field as most of you know our well documented efforts on the subject – we decided to research the subject thoroughly and did so in past months. Once we came to a resolution that the most important part of creating a steady Source of Monthly Income or SMI as we will call it from now – is Money Management, we decided to go on and create a system that will have money management aspect as one of its most important components. And in order for that to be sound and bullet proof – that will have to be an automatic system that will not allow our excitement, emotions and fears get in the way. It is sound money management strategies and tools that make the SMI possible and turning it into real Money Making Enterprise. We consider you our partners in developing a real tool to achieve that goal by implementing and testing it right in front of your eyes and making you a part of that experience. Because we believe that the strategies and the tools are not built in one day and are not built in dark rooms away from everyone’s eyes as the people who will use those tomorrow should be a part of the vision and building process today.

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HOW…are we going to create an Extra Source of Steady Monthly Income ?

We came to a collective conclusion that in order to turn our vision into reality – we have to reduce the number of variables factoring in our decisions and have a sound money management strategy that will ensure us of having profitable days every single day. Yes, every single day. That is possible and we have proven that so far: no matter how many trades a day we take – the most important is to have a profitable day and the system is built on that calculating the trading times, sums and the assets to trade with. Ah, did we forget to mention – those are binary trades we’re talking about. Because that is the venue with least variables to deal with, thus increasing our chances to be successful as long as we know what we’re doing

What are the GOOD NEWS ?

For many years US bettors and traders were deprived of what everyone else around the globe was able to do – to bet and trade with legit Sports Betting and Binary Options companies. After years of searching and testing we can say that we achieved our goal to enable US traders to trade comfortably Binary Options with the companies who are solid and third party insured, but most importantly – absolutely tested by us in all aspects a successful trader needs: fast and effective trading platforms, one click deposit and withdrawal policies, great customer support and learning facilities for the newbies.

So, from today US traders too can benefit from Binary Trading with tested brokers which are recommended here.

All the non US traders can enjoy the same benefits click here

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