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Article Author: April 17th, 2014

What is Binary Options Trading and How to use it to Start Earning – Attention Sports Bettors – Part III

If you are reading this, you should know already a bit about us, Rainmaker365. Today we will show one of the most important topics if not the most important one  that describes the following:Important-Rubber-Stamp

  • Opening accounts
  • Brokers that are tested by us
  • Recommended deposit sizes
  • The meaning of the bonuses and their role in our system

In order to match our trades dollar to dollar – you would have to have a bankroll of 10,000 dollars. That allows you a  minimal trade 250$ which is 2.5% of the initial bankroll . You can either deposit that sum altogether or deposit with the brokers (Click here for US and non US altogether) (Click here for non US traders) we have agreement to grant the traders from the full 100% bonus. Of course the most important thing is to receive the signals as fast as possible allowing you enough time to take the trading position. In order to do that most effectively you would have to be following us on Twitter (@sportsmavin, @phixerphixer, @livegamestips (MK) , @kingmidastouch1 and @rainmaker365com).  We will try to give out the “heads up” tweet before we start or resume trading signals and if possible also the details for upcoming trades as what asset etc. You should be able to absolutely master the trading platform in order to use it as effectively as possible but note that before the VOL1 automated trading system will be operational for beta testing – you, like us – will be missing on some trades as we too are not able at times to follow precisely the trading signals produced by the system which with automation of it will be conducted in absolutely hands free manner.


We are excited about that prospect not any less than you are and awaiting the completion of the first series of beta testing modules ready to be delivered to you. Now let us explain about the bonuses: the sum of bonus has to be Welcome-Bonusturned over as many times as the number of the percent of the bonus. That means that if we deposit for an example – 1000$ and receive on top of it another 1000$ as a bonus – we would have to turn over the bonus sum 100 times as the number of the percent (100). Now let us say we profited 1000$ and have a bankroll of 3000$ now (1000$ deposit+1000$ bonus+1000 profit) and our total volume of the trades stands at 50,000$. That means that the sum that we can withdraw at that precise moment is 1000$ (initial deposit) + 500$ (half of the profited sum with the initial deposit) + 250$ (part of the bonus that was turned (50,000/2/100). Now you can project from there how much more we have to turn the money over to be able to withdraw the bonus as well (1000$+1000$ has to produce 200,000$ turnover to be fully available for a withdrawal). Now don’t let that scare you as the initial deposit plus the relative profit plus the relative bonus sum to the turnover is always available for the withdrawal but here I want to explain why our VOL1 system is great in that regard as well as it produces many trades and turnover, earns and enables us to withdraw our money, profits and the bonus in relatively shorter time than it would have been doing that manually. I am sure you will have lots of question about the bonuses so I will be glad to explain to anyone asking through emails or disqus here.

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