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Article Author: April 2nd, 2014

What is Binary Options Trading and How to use it to Start Earning – Attention Sports Bettors – Part II

Ok, so as promised here are the precise instructions as to how manage your funds and constantly grow your bankroll while withdrawing your funds like drawing a salary month after month after month after month… All this off course before the Automated VOL1 will be introduced and then the only part of this article that will be useful for you will be in regard of when and how much to withdraw so you can still grow your bankroll in order to keep trading effectively. Let’s say for an example that you have deposited 5000$ (I’m going to ignore the Bonus increasing cashfactor as I want to emphasize on growing your bankroll through trading) – I’d advice for your minimal trades to be 2.5% of your bankroll. Like 125$ trades (that is when we enter 250$ trade).  If you also have a 100% bonus then your trades should be like ours – 250$ minimal trade. All this off course after you have a full control of Binary Options Trading Platform and can find your way fast and easy between the assets, setting the trading sum and choosing the right Expiry Time. So, let’s sum this part real quick: The minimal trade should be 2.5% of your bankroll. Our minimal trade is 250$, so when you see that sum of trading on our part – you should understand that we mean the Minimal trade.

Ok. In little more than a month – we have profited over 20K beginning with 10K bankroll. So it will not be too imaginative or boasting to say that we can at the least double our bankroll monthly (remember – we made 20K on top of 10k and actually tripled the bankroll). As long as we maintain the profitability month after month – we should only withdraw half of our earnings and leave the other half so we can constantly increase the amount of the bankroll and most importantly produce a positive snow ball effect through increasing gradually the sizes of our trades. That – given the fact that we are profitable – will alone lead to financial growth and turn our trading into a sound business from ATM

In the next episode we will give you precise instructions as how to proceed with opening the accounts, with whom, what are the recommended deposit sizes and what is the meaning of the bonuses and their role in our system. We see our operation as a team work with certain hierarchies – but at the end of the day we all are “band of brothers” committed to success in all what we do. I am sure you might have questions at this stage and would like to get some answers, I invite you to comment on this article with any question you might have . You can also write us on our Facebook or Google+ page.

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