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Article Author: May 17th, 2014

Wave ZERO Beta Testing Who’s, What’s and How’s

Wave ZERO  – the first stage of VOL1 Beta testing is well underway. This post will be constantly updated with each and every day of trading. In  addition – the “Fab Five”  – our Beta testers which are strategically located globally –  will report anything of significance and  share  their personal experiences with VOL1 – anything they consider can be helpful to make VOL1 better in every sense – UI or a simple functionality. On our side we will monitor system’s performance under global multiple user conditions and will monitor closely the Money Management console assuring it’s successful integration with all system components, as well as the broker API.

We are privileged to have Wave ZERO Beta testers who from day one are following and supporting our VOL1 project, charting unknown waters for all of us and with us,  and made available considerable amounts of resources funding their accounts. Each of 5 Wave ZERO Beta testers funded every one of 3 accounts with $10,000 ($30,000 per tester) . At this stage – by our advise – no bonuses were asked for as we want to test our Money Management console performance without tying it up with bonus turnover policies thus enabling money withdrawals according to Money Management dictations. Needless to say that we too are following the same pattern of trading with VOL1 maintaining absolute control of each and every step in the progress, and possible setbacks – when and if they occur. All the reports by the testers will be public and via the comments section – so please limit your comments in this section to constructive ones as queries of sort in order not to interfere with proper reporting flow.

So far, VOL1 was activated for little less then 7 hours on Wednesday 14th of May. 6 trades were conducted by us and 3 of the testers, as another 2 experienced log in problems at first and then the problems integrating their accounts with the system. For that reason we deactivated the system till the problem was resolved. The next time we will activate the system will be on Monday with opening of the trading week. The 6 trades that were conducted for and by each of the Beta testers were winners and each trade was 2.5% from a bankroll over a single broker account. $1,215 were gained for and by each of the 3 Beta testers who didn’t experience any problems trading. We are now debating if 2.5% initial trade size has to be applied to the total bankroll (over all 3 brokers) or to a single broker account. Because if it would be applied to a total bankroll – the gains would be 3 times more.  The Beta testers are welcome to post their comments and upload screen shots of their trades and balance sheets as well as all of you are welcome to place your opinions regarding the initial trade sizes as mentioned above as well as any questions. We’re all excited here and understand your excitement as well, but we will ask you to avoid description of your emotions in comments and instead focus on questions and opinions that would benefit this stage as well as the next stages of Beta testing.

Congratulations on a relatively successful launch and Good luck to us all!!!



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