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Article Author: May 31st, 2015

VOL1/100PercentProfitBot Automated Trading System has reached it’s puberty age – Report

Dear friends, dear RainMaker365 community members, brothers and sisters, today I address you with an announcement of a remarkable significance for all who has been involved in our project in particular and those who are about to be involved directly or indirectly using our product in the near future.

After running rigorous testing and as the result of applying thousands of  adjustments to our financial instrument – we can say with full confidence that VOL1/100PercentProfitBot has reached the stage of absolute and ultimate equilibrium both performance wise and reliability wise. When I say equilibrium, I mean absolute balance in execution of trading positions by criteria defined by the developers integrated with highest level of protection of user assets without harming the trading flow.

How were the criteria created and what they were based on? They were based on classic studies of application of the analytic tools of price theory, monetary theory and econometrics dating back to 1940’s  integrated with modern day applications of chart analysis against the fundamental and technical analysis.

In simple words – we took the knowledge bank in economics and applied it to the modern day trading with absolute hands off approach making it reachable for regular Joe enabling him to enjoy the fruits of online technology in a way that he wouldn’t need 6 figure investment to earn 4 figures annually as offered by traditional liquidity providers but turn his 4 figure investment into 6 figures in less than a year.

Those who followed  closely over RainMaker365 the Beta Testing process of our product – know very well how demanding and relentless was the effort applied to reach the major milestone I am talking about. We had to mark V’s on the following:

Establishing multiple user accounts from different geographical regions but with similar funds amount wise using different currencies held over multiple broker accounts connecting through multiple broker API’s to the principal broker account who’s manually entered trading positions were signaled automatically to all the accounts connected which took in unison the similar trading positions. That was done with 5 Beta Testers we called the Original 5. Once that operation cycle was successfully applied – we began achieving the goal of doubling the entered bankrolls in order to substantiate the directives of predefined Money Management Systems embedded within the system then called VOL1. The very instant that milestone was reached and the bankrolls of all 5 Beta Testers not only have been doubled through manually signaling a fragment of the automated signals retrieved from the early version of the BOT as we began calling our system then, but also withdrawing half the profits from related broker accounts to the bank accounts of the Beta Testers – we began to implement the next stage of Beta Testing by transferring the signaling responsibilities to the BOT . In other words – the signals became automated and fully dependent on BOT analysis of the markets, trends and especially the trading chart behavior. All the most primitive stages of the BOT development that were described above were accompanied with endless bugs and malfunctions that had to be taken care of on the fly. And they were. That was the end of the initial Beta Testing process which began on the first week of February 2014.

The next stage of Beta Testing began with 75  more users/traders/Beta Testers rounding the number of the originals to 80. Those all had already various broker accounts connected with varying bankrolls consisting of funds unequally distributed between the multiple broker accounts all of course from diverse geographical regions and out of our control and out of our laboratory conditions but all submerging to the same automated signaling created by the BOT. At this stage we began to deal with multiple issues on hourly basis if it was simple malfunctions, out of criteria trading or lag time occurring from the time the signal was provided and by the time it was entered as a trading position by the last on line traders/users/Beta Testers. Inequities between the trades/users/Beta Testers were created because of unequal funds and unequal number of the brokers forcing those with lower funds and least number of the brokers to the end of the line. All this was created due to BOT having mind of its own and thriving to achieve the goal of earning as much as soon as possible. And I am only describing the major issues we had to deal with -again – on the fly.

But each obstacle forced us into thinking out of the box and that thinking brought us to the solution that we can take the credit as the pioneers by creating multiple channels for multiple groups thus reducing the lag time to a minimum that was not a real factor anymore while low margin trades were conducted by the BOT.

I will not tire you with the description of other issues we had to tackle with such as trading for everyone and profiting for everyone that may seem trivial but were not as easy to achieve because of various reasons that had to do with unequal funds and lower than required funds. Today I can say with a high degree of certainty that we have overcome that obstacle too and recent weeks have shown to us all that everyone is trading and profiting. Although statistically talking – we only had around 4% of the traders/user/Beta Testers suffering from that inequity – the satisfaction of resolving that issue which was not homogeneous but consisted of multiple issues some connected with each other and others not   -was a major lift to our system as one that trades equally for every one who complied with the VOL1/100PercentProfitBot trader/user/Beta Tester requirements.

I am sure I omitted more than I described as to how we tackled live in front of all of the RainMaker365/Vol1/100PercentProfitBot community all the problems and issues. But the bottom line is that we have reached the stage where we can say to ourselves that our mission of creating a revolutionary financial instrument with unique registration, trade analysis, trade execution, trading strategy and money management modules – as I said – all unique  – has come to the stage where we move to steady bankroll growth for everyone under protective umbrella which will allow us and already is to pass the stormy waters such as those last weeks on the markets – without even getting wet as we did earn tremendous amounts of money combined while avoiding high risk trades and pounding the high probability ones without a single flaw on behalf of the BOT.

This is a May 2015 Report with all the numbers present.

(equally divided diverse result mixed trades have been omitted as they have cancelled each other, unequally divided diverse mixed trades have been calculated against each other on a single trader sample. Trades resulted in ties have been omitted altogether)

Altogether the BOT has conducted 149 trades. 90 trades of 2.5%, 42 trades of 7.5% and 17 trades of 22.5% of the bankroll.

2.5% trades  – 50 wins against 40 losses

7.5% trades – 26 wins against 16 losses

22.5% trades – 10 wins against 7 losses (one 22.5% trade was conducted by the BOT although BOT wise previous 7.5% was a win. That happened because the BOT is evaluating the trade result by last expiry price versus next expiry price .

94,6% of the traders have enjoyed 78.5% profit on top of their bankroll.

2.6% of the traders have enjoyed between 78.4% and 37.8% profit on top of their bankroll.

2.8% of the traders enjoyed 37.7% or lower profit on top of their bankroll.

Altogether 6,357,622 Money Units were profited during the month by all participating traders. That is a tremendous number by all merits.

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