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Article Author: June 27th, 2014

VOL1 Report Part 3 – Daily Trades Analysis, Withdrawals and the Conclusions

There is a tremendous amounts of emails we’re getting inquiring about the withdrawal process and expressing concern that we may have started Wave ONE without notifying all who’s on the list. Well, Wave ONE did not begin yet as we are in a middle of withdrawal process of half the profits we accumulated during 20 days of trading. During that period we managed to more than to double our bankroll and did it in motion while fine tuning the system. I like to think of myself as a relatively modest person, but in this case – I must say how proud I am of what we have achieved here. Technically, Mathematically, Financially, but most importantly – Money Management wise. So, let us first go over the numbers. We have divided the whole record sheet into 4 parts each including 5 days of trading. We will analyse each and every part and see what have we achieved at the beginning, how tough did it get later and how smooth was the final run. We began with $30,000 per beta tester scattered over 3 brokers ($10,000 within each broker, some beta testers currency of choice were Euros). 5 Beta Testers  and me. Our goal was doubling the bankroll we began with and after that withdrawing half the winnings thus creating a new bankroll 1.5 times the previous bankroll and as a result increasing the size of initial trade gradually with each doubling/withdrawing the half the gains. First 5 Days of Trading:  51 trades altogether conducted. 33 wins and 17 losses and 1 push. We profited in the process $13,997.5 (Euros in case of two European Beta testers who chose to open their accounts in Euros over some brokers). Two of the beta testers were not able to log in into their accounts due to technical problems which were resolved immediately after conducting a first day of trading. So, those two will carry that load of not profiting $ 1,215 each. Otherwise the table is similar to all besides me as I conducted most of my trades with OR while the beta testers used MO, BO and BLO alternating between each broker. One more problem we encountered at the beginning was VOL1 relating to a bankroll as $10,000 instead of $30,000 thus making initial trades with $250 instead of $750 as it should have (2.5% of 30,000). That problem lasted more than 10 days of trading before resolution. There were also problems with VOL1 getting “stuck” with certain sizes of trades. Later we understood that VOL1 was “smarter” than we assumed and has understood the concept of “mixed” trades we were teaching it through presenting it with a big variety of algorithmic choices. First5Days                   Second 5 Days of trading was the period with most problems being resolved in  motion as the results speak for themselves:  43 trades conducted, 23 wins and 20 losses producing $1.322.5 of profits. Second5Days                 Third 5 Days of trading were considerably better than the 5 days before producing $7,147.5 profits on 33 trades going 21-12. After going the first day 8-8, the last 4 days produced 13-4 result. The reasons for improvement vary but mostly can be accounted to a   toughened criteria for taking a trading position as it was redefined for a system. Third5Days               Fourth 5 Days of Trading were the most productive days concluded by a close to perfect run. The results of all the fine tuning were mostly seen in last two days but overall outcome was amazing:  35-23 (18-2 in last two days) and plus $13,332.5. Fourth5Days                   That all produced overall record of 112-72 with +$35,800 for me and 3 beta testers while the other two have enjoyed 106-72 with + $34,585. Last2DaysandTotal           Interesting thing about all this to see what alternating the trades between the 3 brokers have produced:  $8,077.5 were won over MO, $28,180 (!!!) were won over BO while over BLO $457.5 were lost (according to system record and verified by each beta tester – except for two who were locked out the first day and subsequently won $7,672.5 over MO, won $27,775 over BO and lost $862.5 over BLO). Withdrawals At that part we have realized that we have a slight problem we have to take care of: when we were engineering our Money Management Console and writing a code for Withdrawal dictate by VOL1, we did not take into a consideration situation when the profits will exceed double the amount of initial bankroll all at once. The last 11 trades were conducted with the same expiry time bu VOL1 as the system identified favorable meddling opportunities and when the trades were concluded – we were $5,800 over the doubling an initial bankroll in 3 cases of Beta testers and my case,  and $4,585 over the doubling the initial bankroll with 2 beta testers who were locked out of trading on the first day. But we all got the same notification from VOL1 to withdraw half the profited sum of $35,800 – $17,900. That happened because the system calculated half the profits from it’s own performance and not by scanning the bankroll of each trader connected individually. So, first we had to “teach” VOL1 to relate to each trader’s bankroll individually while dictating withdrawal, and second – VOL1 had to calculate the withdrawal sizes from each broker in a way that the balances would be closest to equal with all 3. At that point we decided that there is no point to wait for rewriting the code for a second problem and went ahead with minimalist approach not to delay withdrawal process. We rewrote some parts of the code relating to reading individual balance rather than VOL1 performance record and began withdrawal process by requesting withdrawals one by one from the brokers.  It must be noted that the system calculates the bankroll as an initial one after each action of withdrawal or deposit and therefore the process is very important for conducting the future trades with according trade sizes. We have manually defined the amounts and began the withdrawal process. 3 of the beta testers were “advised” to withdraw $20,800 combined from their 3 accounts while the other two were “advised” to withdraw $19,585. That way the new bankroll will be exactly one and a half times the initial bankroll ($45,000). Once the requests for withdrawals were placed – we also had a discussion with Wave ZERO beta testers after which we decided that they will slowly withdraw all but $15,000 as we see no reason to pound the brokers with such high amounts during beta testing stages as that equals for us to “trumpeting our abilities from a roof top of the highest building in a city”. We, on our part will begin Wave ONE as soon as the initial wave of withdrawals is complete and money is in the bank. The withdrawal requests began on Monday and concluded on Thursday (yesterday). Please note that some of the beta testers already have reported money in the bank. Once all beta testers will have all the withdrawn money in their accounts – we will begin Wave ONE. That is a matter of couple days more. So, please be patient as we are here. There is no point in rushing anywhere as we are very careful with each step we take to make sure it is a right step in a right direction.

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