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Article Author: June 9th, 2014

VOL1 Report Part 2 – Daily Trades Results and Analysis

VOL1 was activated on May 15. Since, there were 14 Trading Days altogether. During those 14 days of trading there were 126 trades conducted: 75 wins, 49 losses and 2 pushes. Please pay a close attention to the following numbers as they are very important to further understand the goals we’re aiming at.

VOL1 Win/Loss ratio is  60.48%.

The starting bankroll of $30,000 has become 51,267.5  gaining 70.89%  profits in 66.66% of trading days is a month (14 days out of an average of 21 trading days every month). The meaning is that doubling the bankroll by producing 100% profits on top of a starting bankroll is not an elusive dream. By the rate of profitability it can be even more than doubling the bankroll. Here’s the punch line: you don’t have to start with $30,000 to make a considerable amount of money over a relatively short period. $1000 bankroll is enough to turn it into 6 figures in as little as 12 months. How? If we double our bankroll every month and withdraw half the profit at the end of the each month,

months starting bankroll at the beginning of the month bankroll at the end of the month withdrawal at the end of the month
1 1000.00 2000.00 500.00
2 1500.00 3000.00 750.00
3 2250.00 4500.00 1125.00
4 3375.00 6750.00 1687.50
5 5062.50 10125.00 2531.25
6 7593.75 15187.50 3796.88
7 11390.63 22781.25 5695.31
8 17085.94 34171.88 8542.97
9 25628.91 51257.81 12814.45
10 38443.36 76886.72 19221.68
11 57665.04 115330.08 28832.52
12 86497.56 172995.12 43248.78

We will have at the end of the 12th month a bankroll of  $129,746 and all this while we already have withdrawn $128.746. That means that in a single year we’ll have a total of $ 257,492 (bankroll+withdrawn funds) which is $257,492 profited on top of $1,000 we started with. On the 18th month we’ll have over a million. We can reach the million also on the 12th month if we start with $5,000 bankroll.

I know that the numbers look fantastic but nevertheless – they’re absolutely real and if we follow VOL1 MMC directives – they will be achieved. Double the Bankroll every month, withdraw half the profits at the end of the month. That is all. The only thing is having and using accounts at all the brokers who are prompt on their withdrawal procedures. All this is being checked and tested now.

Part 3 of the report will consist of a daily breakdowns of 14 trading days so far

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