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Article Author: June 4th, 2014

VOL1 Report Part 1 – What is the difference between Wave ZERO, Wave ONE and Wave TWO? What are the timetables? When will Wave ONE start?

It is a time for an update on VOL1 Beta Testing process, Wave ZERO progress, the issues resolved and those awaiting resolution. It is also a right time to present you with some questions about your preferences regarding some features to be included in Wave ONE as well as in Wave TWO Beta Testing stages. We also want to put on the debating table the future of VOL1 as a final product as we value the opinion of each and every member of RainMaker365 community. This report will also include the detailed analysis and the results of each and every day of trading by VOL1 till now.

So, the Part 1 will review the following topic:

What is the difference between Wave ZERO, Wave ONE and Wave TWO?  What are the timetables? When will Wave ONE start?

At first, our estimation for the duration of Wave ZERO was not more than a week. Two at the most. We had 5 Beta testers each of them funding the accounts over 3 brokers. The system – although very profitable – had it’s problems if it was the trade size calculation or the criteria for trading, getting stuck on a certain trade size or not relating to a total bankroll but to the specific broker account etc. We have resolved each and every problem turning each and every stone in the process. We still are fine tuning the system as the final steps before closing Wave ZERO are:

  • Doubling the bankroll and withdrawing half the winnings (we’re half way there having earned little over 15K on top of 30K bankroll for each of the Wave ZERO beta testers over the first 10 trading days)
  • VOL1 making a self adjustment to a new bankroll (following the withdrawal) and subsequently re calculating the new trade sizes

At that stage we will have the following boxes checked:

  1. Enabling multiple users from different IP addresses and time zones to use the system simultaneously
  2. Allowing the system to approach existing accounts over several brokers and access them in order to analyze the size of an overall bankroll per user, calculate the trades sizes and conducting the trades
  3. Conducting the trades while moving from one broker to another
  4. Conducting the trades in parallel to each other when meeting the conditions
  5. Reacting positively to the changes in criteria and conditions for conducting the trades
  6. Reacting positively to activation/deactivation procedures continuing from deactivation point while activated

I understand that for most  – those pointers are meaningless, but creating a financial instrument is a big responsibility and before passing it on to you we have to make sure that all the possible flaws and malfunctions will be dealt at the first Beta Testing stage with  limited number of people who agreed to risk considerable amounts of money to check the system for real in it’s most critical stage of development. So, as I said – once the fine tuning will be completed and the withdrawals processed according to MMC requirements – we will initialize the second, no risk stage of the Beta Testing called Wave ONE which will deal with user interface issues while conducting the trades at full speed.

Wave TWO will be already a “public” version of Beta Testing examining the durability of the system with large number of the users self registering and funding their accounts.

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