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Article Author: July 7th, 2014

VOL1 Automated Trading System – Wave ONE Beta Testing stage – General Address to the participants

When expecting something good – time passes to slow before we get there and too fast once we are there. We have made a quite a mileage getting where we are and overcame most obstacles and made sure we’re not only trading profitably  – but also get our profits into our hands. Now, it is the time to expand our experience and turn it into something easy to use for a regular folk.

While Wave ZERO Beta testing group tested a technical  functionality of VOL1 with 5 (6 with me) users holding similar bankroll over the same 3 brokers  – several very important goals were achieved: we solved some technically complex issues that had to do with a system functionality as well as trading timing and the sizes of the trades relative to a bankroll as well as continuity of trading under gradually increased criteria dictated by the Money Management Console.  We did not give ourselves any breaks and once we achieved a goal of doubling our bankroll – we got right down to it and withdrew half the profits as planned. And when doing that – we did not do it with small volume but with the sums that tested the designated brokers’ responsiveness to withdrawal requests and the time span the procedures took. Doing that – we made sure that with smaller volume there would be no problem performing the same steps of trading, profiting, doubling the bankroll and withdrawing half the profits. None of the Wave ONE beta testers  – with all due respect  – have an initial bankroll size of Wave ZERO beta testers and the simple logic says – if you can do it in New York – you can do it anywhere. You all know what I mean.

So, what are the steps the Wave ONE beta testers have to take in order to begin beta testing? Simple. Every day – beginning today  – 10 to 12 beta testers on our list who have at least $1,000 combined bankroll over at least 3 brokers – are receiving instructions how to connect which will include Registration to VOL1, entering the user details with each broker in a designated area (screen shots will be sent to simplify the process), agreeing to the terms dictated by brokers in order to allow your accounts to be connected to VOL1 and hitting the start button. Please note that Wave ONE beta testing stage is designed to make a user interface as friendly as possible and you will have to make your contribution on the subject by letting us know what parts of UI you think should be improved and in what way. It will be an open discussion and all the opinions are welcome. On our end, we also will be testing VOL1 performance with 69 (that is the number of the qualified testers on our list) users simultaneously while in the beginning we will test general connectivity for the smaller groups of 10-12 users as stated before – personally assisting each user if needed making sure he is connected and ready to trade, that to be followed by personal guidance if needed at any stage if and when some issues may arise. We are not aware of any issues that should arise but are ready to address them with technical manpower and bank of knowledge at our disposal for those purposes.

Patience is very important while dealing with finance and in our case – is a must as we know that we have a special product at our hand and do not want to make any mistakes dictated by rush approach. In our case – easy does it and the goal of doubling initial bankroll and withdrawing  half the profits is an immediate one. That can last few weeks or days – depending on how the system will perform from the moment it is activated and also depending on market producing trading opportunities matching VOL1 trading criteria. One way or another – no shortcuts will be exploited and at the end – we hope to celebrate a success with you as we did with Wave ZERO beta testers.

The final note for this article is my personal gratitude for the trust and a vote of confidence all of you  gave VOL1 and our crew.

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