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Article Author: January 28th, 2015

Upgrading the trading platform to GAMMA – the goals and the implementation

The Gamma platform is a trading platform based on searching and finding a winning pattern  by applying a reverse engineering. The platform has a unique way to extract a winning trading patterns from defined time segments circumstantially and finding similar trading patterns by comparing it to the current trading segments with similar circumstances. Once the similarities are found –  the defined criteria is fulfilled and the trading position is taken. The trade size is also defined uniquely by reverse engineering by rather defining the winning sum against the risk taken than predefining the trade size.

We have been toying with that idea for long time until finally applying it 3 moths ago with 100percentprofitbot live trading with Gamma group of traders taking upon the risk managed positions similar to those of the test pilots flying the aircraft for the very first time. The risk paid off handsomely with Gamma traders but also convinced us that the risk is worth taking with wider circles of traders since the major financial institutions have failed to protect the markets from disastrous effects the SNB decisions on Euro and the ECB indecisiveness on the matter have caused.

In simple words – accumulate enough data base from a time defined past trading to be analysed forming winning sequence and apply it to the current trading once the similarities found are enough to link the current trading sequence to that of the past.

Now, that worked fine for 3 months with small number of the traders “secluded” and not affected by the “bad pricing” since the lag time between the trades taken by the first trader in line and the last trader in line was not significant enough to cause the discrepencies result wise. In most cases  – I must say. So, in order to make the “patternization” to work for all the traders within 100percentprofitbot/VOL1 – we had to come up with some kind of a solution where the large number of the traders would not cause the same lag time isuues as it already did in the past before we toughened the trading criteria. Therefore the division into several trading groups not exceeding 315 traders each is being tested as a viable solution.

As of now  – the first two groups just completed trading sequences. The first group trading sequence ended up in winning 6 trades and losing 2.  The second group trading sequence has just ended up with 5 wins and 2 losses. None of the traders participated in both groups except the original Gamma traders who trade all the trades all the time.

According to the guidelines from our last board meeting  – all the trading accounts of all the traders will be integrated into the Gamma trading platform by Monday. Those with Alpha group will still enjoy the privileges of big bankrolls spread over the biggest number of the broker accounts in cases of a very low margin outcome trades, but note that with Gamma – that sort of outcomes are rare. So, basically – everyone will be trading using Gamma trading platform.

Our major goal is to sail through the stormy waters safely and emerge as winners.

I will have more in depth about the Gamma in upcoming Webinar.

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