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Article Author: March 21st, 2014

The most effective way to profit on Binary Options Trading

success (2)Trading Binary Options is not risk free. Although it can be very profitable if conducted in a serious and disciplined way – it can also prove disastrous if one submits to emotional trading rather than cold and calculative one. Same as in Sports  betting, same as in Casino etc. The only difference between trading Binary Options and the other two (Casino and Sports Betting) is that the number of variables that can work against us in Binaries, are considerably lower than in casino or sports – thus, allowing us to reduce the risk factor to a minimum if we – of course – know our “stuff”. And our “stuff” is not that hard to know as the info is available everywhere for us to pick on. But again – the most important part of trading traditionally on the market floors, online through various service providers, or through Forex platform providers, Binary Options platform providers – is ONE: Money management combined with Risk Management.

Some tips:

  1. Let us remember always that the main goal of trading is MAKING MONEY. And, in order to MAKE MONEY we have to conduct profitable trading. Profitable trading does not mean winning every trade but ending up profitable at the end of the trading day. That means that sometimes we will win a trade after a trade and there will be times when the first trade will be lost, we will increase the trading sum for trading same asset again since we are convinced about the direction the asset is going  – and will continue so until we cash on our decision. Since we all have a vast experience in betting on sports – we all have that uneasy feeling doing so since it reminds us “chasing”. Well, it is not a “casing” because “chasing” means making irrational decisions based on emotional state. In Binaries we make decisions based on our analysis of economical events and integrate those decisions with the system that chooses the right timing to enter the trading position and exit the same trading position – trade expiry time. So, if we MADE THE RIGHT ANALYSIS and CHOSE THE RIGHT DIRECTION THE PRICE OF AN ASSET WILL GO (Up=Call, Down=Put) – sooner or later it will hit. That is where VOL1 system comes in and creates a high probability that we will hit it rather soon than later. That is when the Money Management comes in, because if you understood what was written above (and if you don’t – read it again please) – you also must have understood that you have to have enough funds to be able to take the “initial beating” only to gain twice as much and more in our next trade. Ok, now to the numbers: if your bankroll is 2000$, we advice to begin trading with one fifth of the trading sums posted with the signal. If your bankroll is 5000$ – trade with half of the sum in the signal. Increase your trading sums as we increase it in our signals. (once the automated system will be operational  – some of you will receive it for beta testing and will enjoy that decision making being conducted automatically).
  2. In order to turn trading Binary Options into a Steady Source of Monthly Income – you will have to have strict discipline and sound Money Withdrawal Policy. You should be able to withdraw your profits, but at the same time to increase your trading bankroll so you can gradually increase the relative sum of your trade and that way to be more and more profitable month after month. Let’s say you began with 5000$ and after a month your balance is 10000$ – you should withdraw 2500$ and begin the new month with 7500$. That will be meaning that you have just increased the amount of possible withdrawal next month by 25%. Because if you will be as successful as the month before – you will end up with 15000$ balance, will be able to withdraw 5000$ and begin the next month with 10000$ and so on…
  3. Never celebrate too much after a profitable trades and never do side trades. At the same breath – never panic after a losing trade and never do side trades to make up for your losses. Follow us and there is not a slightest of the doubts  – you will be profitable and successful trader.


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