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Article Author: April 15th, 2014

So far, So good! Recap of the first 3 months on

Recap of the first 3 months bigLooking back at the numbers – I can say with utmost satisfaction that the project is achieving it’s goals on a daily basis as well as the long term goals are just around the corner.

We have easily achieved a goal of creating Steady Monthly Income in each of the months we’re active. We’ve earned $1,306 in sports and a whopping $26,854 in Binary Options Signals.signal records xx





Binary options trading full records

Sport betting picks full records

We hit the Super Bowl big and are at the final stages of presenting a Beta Version of VOL1 – the revolutionary Automated Trading System Software that has a Unique Money management feature allowing a Hands Off trading resulting in profitable trading days after days. In manual version – which is naturally much less efficient because of lag time and human factor of slow reaction and possible human errors – we had only 2 days of negative numbers, very low negative numbers and in both cases due to human errors – 2 negative days out of 86 (!!!!!!!!!!). Now we can imagine ourselves what will happen with an automated one which is error less and 5-6 times more efficient. So, if we managed to produce $26,854 manually – imagine yourselves what we will produce automatically!!!!

Last night – 14th of April we have won both trades for a total of $500 and won a single Sports Pick for $315 So, last nigh we brought home $815.

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