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Article Author: May 10th, 2014

So Far So Good Part II

Almost 4 months results CopyWell, just on April 15th we made the first of the series of articles recapping our activities on site and the numbers were favorable more than we expected while teaming up to put (if you haven’t checked click here to read). Now, recapping first 15 weeks of activities altogether and 87 days of trading Binaries (63 net days) – we are convinced more than ever that we’re on our way to change the financial reality for the members of our community. Some of you may know my philosophy about life and some may don’t. I believe and actually can say – I know, that we’d rather live in a society with financially comfortable members than not. I know that more time a person has to develop himself in all aspects is better for all of us if only a few enjoyed the fruits the world has to offer while enslaving the others. All of us rather send our children to the schools where the children from a financially comfortable families study than sending them to the schools where the jungle rules. We all know that we all prefer to live in the neighborhoods where financially comfortable people live rather than live in projects. Now, not that I  have anything against the people who send their children to the jungle rule schools or live in the projects, but I want to elevate them to the higher level and not to enslave them but give them a free choice to make their choices in life based on what they really want to do and not by what are they forced to do. This can be done only by giving a person enough financial security so he can stop worrying about the money and start to really look into himself deeply and finding the one thing he wants to do the most. And if this will be a positive thing – he will gain and all of us will gain from his gaining. And if it will be negative and the self destructive thing – he will lose and we will lose too by losing him. But the natural process of survival of the fittest would be put in its right path and not like today when millions of talents are being wasted because they do not have the time to develop those talents working their butts off in two or three jobs just to pay the bills and feed their families growing up at home new generations of slaves. I can’t change the whole world, but I can try to change the parts of the world I have an access to and those parts of the world for me are you and me my dear Watsons. Plain as that. Me, MK, Phixer and KMT  – we all come from financially comfortable backgrounds and could easily retire today blowing up the money we have each accumulated or inherited during the course of our lives, but than the sense of the Mission and our Vision would be lost and that is a too big thing to lose. Whether you really understand what am I saying or giggling to yourself not believing how much nonsense you are reading – one thing is clear – We are making Money here! And we’re about to make much more money in the nearest future. So near that I can smell it. So, in that course of 14 weeks in Sports we had ups and downs until we began applying MK’s code to all the games and since we are on a tremendous run of 30 wins against 9 losses pick records while the wins include 30% of Underdog plays. We today stand at +$8,551 earnings and that will only grow with the system we are using and will even increase its profitability with the completion of Sure-bet system we’re developing.


In Binaries we are standing at the unbelievable profit rate of +$32, 829.50 Signal records. That is altogether +$41,380.50 in just 15 weeks. If to run the averages – we had 63 trading days out of which we only had 3 losing days and 60 winning days while the losing days were minimalist. And all this implementing the system manually trading 5-6 times less than an automated version will.


We’re at the fine tuning stages for the VOL1 Beta Testing module and will be distributing it among our community members who qualify just in few days. We  will send it to all our subscribers a dedicated email explaining all about the systems and how to operate it. The unique feature of Money Management is the most innovative and special feature that will make sure our human weaknesses will be put aside and all we will have to do is only monitor the system working. We will be also sending our instructions and heads ups through the twitters of (@rainmaker365com (no dot after 365) and through our personal twitter accounts @sportsmavin, @phixerphixer, @livegamestips and @kingmidastouch1). Click here to subscribe beta_test

So far we have verified two Brokers with whom you can register here ( for US and non US altogether), ( for non US traders) and expecting to verify few more during the coming week as we are expecting our fund withdrawal requests to be honored so we will put them in the loop as well. This is a second withdrawal request with each to make sure their effectiveness and responsiveness with large sum withdrawal requests as the withdrawal process functionality is an essential part of VOL1 Money Management feature. Making money is one thing but the ability to fly under the radar and withdraw the funds at precisely set timing  – is another and not less important than making the money in a first place.

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