Thursday (GMT) Currencies Trade 1: USD/JPY

1220951 USD/JPY 102.364

I will begin explaining my trades based on VOL1 so you can identify the opportunities by yourself as well.

VOL1 is a bulletproof system, but if operated manually – needs an absolute dedication and is very time consuming as once you begin to trade – you should go through all the stages the system offers. If you win – no problem: take a nap, go to the movies… Whatever… Until the next trade you will conduct according to the system criteria for trade. But, if you lost your trade – you must take another one till you win… So, if you have something to do and can’t stay next to your PC or your Smartphone – your chances are not good to see the system work through. And there is a solution for that too. Another possible problem is the trading sums. Starting big is problematic as the next trade in case you lose will have to be considerable high and that can bring you down quickly. For an example this trade that seems like going wrong way. No problem. With the System identifying the right trade the next one after the losing one can be 3 times sweeter.

The solution we are working on is absolutely automated system. One that will not keep you next to your trading station the whole day.