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Pick Author: June 26th, 2014

World Cup 2014 in Soccer: USA vs Germany

Game Date Home Team Away Team Pick Units Odds State Invested Return Profit
06/26/2014 USA Germany Draw 5 +200 Loss 500 0 -500

It’s Jurgen Klinsmann vs Yoggi Loew. Few years back – when Klinsmann was a German Head Coach – Loew was brought by him as an assistant. Once Klinsmann moved to USA for work and residence as well – Loew inherited the national Head Coach position. Both – Germany and USA have 4 points and with a draw they both qualify ( Germany 4 points GD +4, USA 4 points GD +1. Ghana 1  point GD -1, Portugal 1 point, GD -4). Portugal is sitting on the suitcases home as they would need a win by 4 goals and USA loss to qualify because of scoring more goals unless USA loses 3-4 or something like that. Ghana has a better shot at qualifying if USA loses and Ghana wins by two goals.  Now, imagine you and your very good friend who brought you to the job you like very much – have to play against each other and you both need a point to qualify. Would you screw him? Or would you expect to get screwed by him? Do not forget that both coaches are very good friends and hang out together and speak on the phone on daily basis. Historically – even the teams who’s coached did not know each other and needed a draw to qualify both – always managed to get that draw. I at least recall 3 cases like that. Even Germany – in 1982 did that arrangement with Austria and left Algeria who beat the Germans 2-1 – out of the competition. Usually the game ends up in a dramatic  2-2 (Sweden vs Norway – latest in couple Euros ago) so you are all the time saying to yourself – no, it is not really fixed. But it is.

This is a 5 Units Play

Draw +200

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