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Pick Author: June 21st, 2014

World Cup 2014 in Soccer: Saturday Parlay Double

Game Date Home Team Away Team Pick Units Odds State Invested Return Profit
06/21/2014 Germany (+) Nigeria Ghana (+) Bosnia Herzegovina Home Win (+) Away Win 10 +148 Loss 1000 0 -1000

I haven’t been doing great on parlays so far this World Cup. Hope to break the ice with this one thou. The Bosnians played superbly against Messi and Argentina and after watching Nigeria playing an anemic game against Iran – I can see the pattern of Ex Yugoslavian team losing to the Superpower from South America only to defeat unconditionally¬†an African team in a next game (Croatia lost to Brazil and beat Cameroon in the next one) happening again.

The Germans have their reasons to defeat Ghana unconditionally too. Besides an important fact that the Germans are one of the nest European teams in a World Cup – their motivation to defeat Ghana will have lot to do with the fact that Yoggi Loew would want to pave the way for his mentor and the friend – Jurgen Klinsmann and USA to the next stage by freeing Germany from an obligation to show up strong in the last group game against USA.

This is a 10 Units Play

Germany Win (-333) (+) Bosnia Herzegovina Win (-110) = +148 

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