World Cup 2014 in Soccer: Germany vs Portugal 3 – Way (Win/Lose/Draw)

OK. With MK in Brazil attending the games and SportsMavin busy with VOL1 – it is a time I stepped up to the Challenge and handicap the games. I love soccer and it is one of my favorite sports to play by myself. Since I spend half of my time in Europe and have been paying a close attention to the game since I was a kid, and with great help from MK straight from the core of where everything happens – I think we will have a great MONDIAL 2014 beginning for me NOW.

Germany is one of the strongest teams in soccer for decades. First it was a West Germany and since the Wall came down – it is Germany. I am not sure which German soccer team I ever liked since it was always popular to hate the Germans and their national team. But today – when the world has become a global village – the old prejudices are slowly disappearing and after my last visit to Germany – I decided – No more stupid hatred and only a pure unadulterated handicapping.

Germany always (almost) reaches final stages of the tournaments and in this World Cup 2014 – their chances to advance to the 1/8 finals and further are very good. They have Portugal, Ghana and USA in the group while they have a special bond with the US team as US Head Coach is Jurgen Klinsman – a former German soccer start and the Head Coach of Germany under whom the current German Head Coach  – Joachim Lev was an assistant.

Their squad is a very experienced one with Mesut Ozil of Arsenal and formerly of Real Madrid – is a mature leader of the team. With Thomas Muller and Mario Gotze at the front while Podolski and Klose awaiting on the bench. Miroslav Klose needs one more goal to tie up Brazilian “Fat” Ronaldo’s record of all time goalscorers at the World Cup with 15. Currently Klose has 14 goals scored over 3 World Cups.

With Neuer at the goal and strong and solid defensive unit while 3 offensive midfielders can be chosen from a vast reserve the German squad came to Brazil with – Germany’s main objective will be reaching the Final.

Portugal – on the other hand is a weak link of this group while even the US has a better chances to advance since the German’s may not “want” to beat their former coach and the leader if they don’t have to. And by the time they will have to play the US they may not have to as they game between Germany and USA is the last in the group.

Besides Ronaldo and Pepe – there’s really no big great news for Portugal and those two have repeatedly proven that when it comes to big tournaments on a national teams level – they have a very little to sell.

I am sure we will see an interesting game especially on an offensive side from the Germans. They would want to beat Portugal and will come out motivated so they can pave the way for Klinsman and USA.

This is a 7  Units Play

Germany Win +105