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Pick Author: May 24th, 2014

UEFA Champions League Soccer Final: Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid Outright Cup Winner

Game Date Home Team Away Team Pick Units Odds State Invested Return Profit
05/24/2014 Real Madrid Atletico Madrid Away Qin in Penalties 1 +1200 Loss 100 0 -100

In absence of the trading during the weekend and after a great head start with VOL1 beta testing Wave ZERO stage earning more than $13K in 4 days of trading (little more than 30 hours in total) we can have some attention to a sports betting section with great action on this weekend in Soccer, NBA and NHL Playoffs.

This is the first time in the history of Champion’s League that the teams from the same city are battling each other in a final.  And this final has lots of controversy riding on it: once, before 1997/98 season – the competition was called the Cup of the European Champions –  later the European Champion’s League –  and naturally,  the only teams that participated were the Champions of their local leagues in a previous season. Well, all that was changed and rearranged as the competition name became UEFA Champion’s League and the expansion allowed non champions too be a part of the competition as UEFA claimed that in most cases the best teams will become the Trophy holders one way or another. Only in five cases the teams that were neither the champions of their local leagues  in a previous to the Champion’s League season nor won the local title in a season they won the Champion’s league – won the top European Title and Real Madrid was the first example of that “injustice”. Winning the title this season will emphasize the notion by the principals objecting businessisation of the competition into turning it simply another entertainment value while the teams winning it 5 times since became a Cup Specialists rather than the teams who were supposed to be there in a first place.

Another angle which has nothing to do with playing the game but the politics and useless stats around is the fact that never happened that the same club won both the Basketball and Soccer top titles. And this year Real Madrid already was in a Basketball final and lost to Maccabi Rel Aviv from Israel in Milan. So, are they going to win the Soccer title? Because I am not sure if there was a club that lost both titles. You see? I can go endless messing with your head about what will happen. But I won’t. I think that this season the way is paved for Atletico to go through this season as it was in Spain and don’t ask me about the powers behind it. It became clear to me when Real went so easily thru Bayern and Atletico handled Barcelona.

But I do not see Atletico beating Real in a Regular Time or in Extra Time – so my “riskiest” and the “craziest” bet this season is :

Atletico Madrid  Method of Victory Penalties  +1200


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