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Pick Author: February 2nd, 2014

Super Bowl XLVIII: DEN Broncos vs SEA Seahawks

Game Date Home Team Away Team Pick Units Odds State Invested Return Profit
02/02/2014 DEN Broncos SEA Seahawks Away +3 5 -135 Win 675 1175 500

Ok. So here we are. Every self respecting sports fan in North America as well a majority of sports fans around the globe are awaiting this night and anticipating it the whole year since the Super Bowl last season. I can confidently state that the fans aren’t the only ones awaiting it. So are the advertisers and copywriters, major TV networks and online broadcasting moguls, corporate America’s finest… and the Books. Well, don’t be mistaken  – the books have a yearly calendar and the Super Bowl is only one of the few events  – major events they are expecting to cash on. Soon there will be a March Madness in college hoops, NBA playoffs, Euroleague Final Four, World Cup in Soccer in Brazil etc etc. So, as much as we might think that the Super Bowl is the most betted event in the world – it may qualify for one of the most betted single event but that is all. World Cup final is the most betted event IMHO as Asian and European markets have a big say there as well. But – for us – right now, Super Bowl is the most important sporting event , especially with dramatic Peyton Manning – the man and the legend wants to be become a super legend. We’re fed the stories about that all day and all night, but I also remember seeing a film on ESPN about what Joe Namath and the Jets did to John Unitas and the Colts. So, even it’s hard to compare – there is a thing or two to remember – no one on Seattle side gives a damn about Peyton Manning’s aspirations and although many think that if Seattle wins – it will be a fix – I think that Seattle can win regardless. I think they had much harder game against the Niners and all mobile Kaepernick than they will have against the Broncos. But again – the Bronco backers can claim the same and say that the Broncos are obviously a better team – and as a team in whole I might agree -but as a team on the field and refs darlings – the Seahawks can capture the title Seattle as a city longs for – easily.

So, lets recap the betting patterns on this game: the line released by LVSC was shocking to many including me – SEA Seahawks -1.5!!! The reaction was massive – every Tom Dick and Harry saw an opportunity to cash on the house mortgage earlier than he expected and pounded Denver ML and the Spread. Well, the line has quickly changed into DEN Broncos -2. More money on Denver even moved the line at some stage to a comfortable -2.5 for a Bronco nation. And what happens then? Regardless of money flowing on Denver – the line does not move an inch into a shady area of -3 which will make Seattle backers pour the money on their team with ease of knowingh that they are beginning the contest with a FG advantage. Some have reported that some Hotels in Nevada are refusing to take wagers on Seattle.

Now I ask you – what have we learned about Peyton Manning so far in his career? Is he a “winner”? Does such term really exist? Remember the Gators – his biggest “nightmare in College days?

I think that if Vegas does not give me – I will take it myself – I’ll buy a point to +3 in this post and bet Seattle to cover.

This is a 5 Units play

SEA Seahawks +3  -135

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