Super Bowl XLIX: SEA Seahawks vs NE Patriots First Quarter

Deja Vu? Seattle is facing again a team that looks invincible? Again opens up in a crazy -3 line which is now at Pick? Will it wipe the Pats out like it did to the Broncos last season? Will the Pats pay for consecutive Super Bowl wins by consecutive Super Bowl loses? Is this a real football game? Was the Broncos losing to the Colts a real game? What happened to the Packers against the Seahawks? What is happening with the Seahawks since that last second hail mary with the replacement refs? What is going on here? Most of the public on the Pats covering as well as winning the super bowl (funny when the line is at Pick’em). Will Vegas once allow the better team to win the Super Bowl? Is there at all such thing as a “better team”? Is this NFL or WWF? Who owns all the teams altogether? Who is the boss at NFL? Who employs the Refs, the Coaches and the Players? What is a franchise player? How far the bias goes? How did we win last season’s super bowl wagers both on Seahawks ML and the Spread?

This is a 20 Units Play

SEA Seahawks ML First Quarter  -110