NHL Playoffs Wednesday: NY Rangers vs LA Kings

When the going gets tough – the tough get going. The Rangers played much better hockey than the Kings throughout the series and yet the Kings are leading 3-0. They win both games in LA in Overtime getting to there accidentally and incidentally at the same time. They scored a goal in a last second of the first period in the Garden in game 3 and against capitalized on each opportunity while the Rangers failed to score on multiple power plays time after time. It can’t go on and on all the time. I took over writing the post on NHL from Mavin as a Ranger’s longtime fan who still used to chant – Potvin Sucks in the times Potvin was a hated Islander’s captain and New Jersey Devils and LA Kings did not even exist. And I am not that old. Let’s Go Rangers Let’s Go!!!

I am taking this game the whole Nine yards. You can choose your own risk level.

This is a 10 Units Play

NY Rangers ML -140