NHL Playoffs Tuesday: MON Canadiens vs NY Rangers

First of all – thanks MK for the great run a week ago and don’t take it too hard the last day. You always taught us that every day begins with 0-0 and so is today. I am taking over because of a 3 strike policy administered by MK himself here.

Apart from Binary Options  – I haven’t been doing much picking  – but now I will and hope to last without striking out for a while although the Binaries take a tremndous amount of time from me working on VOL1.

I am not a die hard Rangers fan as MK is. Nor am I a Canadiens fan (I’m a Toronto native). I am Win fan and therefore – after examining 4 games until now – I can clearly say that the Canadiens are a collection of better players individually while the Rangers are a better team. As a team.

In game 5 it will all come down to the special teams and in Montreal – the Canadiens with PP opportunities they will have – will have an edge.

This is a 5 Units Play

MON Canadiesn ML -110