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Pick Author: November 8th, 2015

NFL Week 9: CAR Panthers vs GB Packers Totals

Game Date Home Team Away Team Pick Units Odds State Invested Return Profit
11/08/2015 CAR Panthers GB Packers Under 46 5 -110 Loss 550 0 -550

One look at the teams playing and you automatically think Cam Newton vs Aaron Rodgers. You automatically see long passes finding receivers covering third and longs easily. You automatically think what channel the game is on so you can zap to it each time there is a commercial on your favorite team’s game or after your favorite team has yet again proved they are not worth of you being their fans. So you punish them by watching Green Bay at Carolina. Why we like this game so much? Because of the perceptions in our mind. It is like liking Scarlett Johansson long after finding out she’s from Bronx (:)) and her middle name is Ingrid, and she’ll never be yours… And you will still get that mushy feeling about her even when she’ll be 60 and you will still think you’re thirty. We like Green Bay. We like to watch them and we always have a perception about their attacking game. This season we were also introduced to Carolina attacking abilities. And here too we think they are a great attacking team. But as in the last GB game in Denver – those two teams are set against each other perfectly for an under. And you know why? Because the only attacking tool they have against each other that has really an advantage over the other team’s defensive capabilities is rushing offence where the Pack is 5th on the road against the Panthers 19th home rushing defense and the Panthers are first against the Pack 42nd in the same category reversed. In every other category the defenses are much stronger than offenses and since the offensive coordinators will be all over the running the ball and the defensive coordinators knowing that will be all over defending against those runs – the clock will run and we will get our Under. Or not…

This is a 5 Units Play

Under 46  -110

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