NFL Week 8: MNF CAR Panthers vs IND Colts

Wow. What a game at hand. Forget all your hype from yesterday’s battle of the six nothings. Forget about two best defenses which was the cause of Under contrary to people wondering how come two such offenses played it under.

Focus on the new drug in the neighborhood. It’s addictive, causes paranoia and may get you in trouble financially. Unless you’re in control (oh yeah). Your teeth may grind and may consider postponing your pans to quit smoking till the end of this season.

So here we go – 2011 number one pick QB against 2012 number 1 pick QB. The first relies more on rushing, Actually relies heavily on rushing. The second one hates rushing plays. Number  4 overall offense and number 5 overall defense against number 21 in both categories. At home!!! 5-1 ATS (6-0 SU) against 2-5 ATS (3-4 SU). ANd now, here comes the catch – both times the Colts have been Underdogs – they won!

Fractured ribs? Say what? Why they are telling us this? Why? It is not enough that the Panthers seem like they will eat the Colts for the dinner without having to chase them – they also letting us know that the Colts are further inferior in this game? And then the line goes opposite way? 6.5 to 5 and now 5.5? Don’t be fooled by 5 and 5.5 since the odds are different on both and it is like 5.25 really but there is no such line. And on top of all the info we are bombarded with – also the info about the Colts going scoreless in 3 out of 6 games. What? So we should expect that to happen tonight? I read all over that tonight the books are presenting the regular Joe with a present of Carolina and Over. What???

I know I sin using that name too describing a regular person. But who is that regular person? Public? Who the hell represents them? Well, I can guarantee you tonight the Colts won’t go scoreless first half.

And BTW, the Colts played NE and NO in their last two and lost.  At home. And scored handsomely and the reason they are considered a low scoring team is because of couple games at the beginning of the season and 16 points against the Jags clearly a show Gillette could use as advertising for it’s blades shaving quality. Gore is better than Stewart and ranked higher. So is Luck compared to Newton. And so is Hilton compared with Olsen although one is WR and the other TE. Hilton is actually ranked one after Gronkovski. Vinateri is better than Gano with 1 out of 2 50+ FG’s made and while the second is 0-2 in that distance.  And finally Jackson is way better than Davis defensively. Nonsense as those stats mean nothing? I agree. But then – other stats don’t mean nothing either.

This is a 5 Units Play

IND Colts +5  -115