NFL Week 6: MNF PHI Eagles vs NY Giants Totals

You can read all over the net the bookie executives being interviewed pleading their cases of an endangered animals as the result of the latest Underdogs going 12-5-1 ATS on prime time and covering the last 6 in a row!!!

You don’t have to go far to understand how the system works because those executives are ready to talk to anyone and tell them – please take the Eagles -3.5 but also assuring us that the line wouldn’t drop lower than that.

The whole story is about Odell Beckham and it is mentioned that he is worth half a point spread. What? I’m worth more than that then  :). After following the line closely and seeing how the books are trying to have people bet both sides as it should be – I come to a conclusion that the deciphering each half lines will get us to the promiseland way faster than detouring through the Sinai desert for 40 years like the ancient Hebrews.

The first half line is the Eagles -3 and the game line is -3.5. What does that even mean? But the most interesting thing about this game is that although one of the executives openly “admitted” that most of the parlays include Over and after I looked at the teams matching each other – I said wow? How stupid the public can be on this one?

Just read this

New York’s Overall Scoring vs Philadelphia’s Overall Defense 26.4 7 20.6 9
New York’s Road Passing vs Philadelphia’s Home Defense 200.5 27 271.0 19
New York’s Road Rushing vs Philadelphia’s Home Defense 95.5 20 104.5 19
Philadelphia’s Overall Scoring vs New York’s Overall Defense 23.4 13 21.8 12
Philadelphia’s Home Passing vs New York’s Road Passing Defense 276.0 10 307.0 30
Philadelphia’s Home Rushing vs New York’s Road Rushing Defense 96.5 22 67.5 2

What do you see?

I see the Under first of all. Why? The reason the “sharps” were on Over from the beginning is because of the pace of the game dictated from the Eagles being forced to pass most of the time since they stand no chance in rushing. Since the Giants 30th passing defense doesn’t stand a chance against the Eagles’ 10th passing offense – and the Eagles’ 22nd home rushing offense stands no chance against the Giants second road rushing defense – there is no way the time will pass on the Eagles watch. Except one small detail – Vegas and the oddsmakers know this too, and they also know that it is their utmost duty to have Under in this game. So count on referees calling offensive holdings and offsides on the  Eagles, count on the Eagles fumbling, but still making it to cover unless in the last hour which begins now – we will really see the bets balanced.

The total has gone UNDER in 5 of Philadelphia’s last 5 games when playing at home against NY Giants.

This is a 5 Units Play

Under 50 -110