NFL Week 5: NY Giants vs SF 49ers

The Giants are my substitute for the Rangers when there is no hockey. And precisely as the Rangers – there are two kinds of the seasons with those teams: you either hit the jackpot and they win it all when you least expect it from them, or they are douching around the whole season torturing you for year after year burning your money a year after year.
Guess which of the two this season smells like. The Giants played couple not so bad games and right when you entertain yourself with the thought that you might trust them again – kaboom.
So, even pathetic Niners are too good not to cover given 7 points because it doesn’t matter what the score will be entering the fourth quarter – the Giants will make sure to kick the bucket.
BTW, here too we have ATS battle. 1-3 Niners vs 3-1 Giants. That means that even if this game produces 4-1 and 1-4 instead of more balanced 3-2 and 2-3 – we will have a shot at both team’s next week following our code system.

This is a 5 Units Play
SF 49ers +7 -110