NFL Week 5: DET Lions vs ARI Cardinals

No one expects the Cardinals to lose again. Right? After seeing the impotency of the Lion’s coaching staff who didn’t even attempt to protest the referees’ ignoring the batting the ball out of the inn zone penalty on Seattle and after realizing that the Lions couldn’t win a game against practice dolls – after all that who in the right mind would even think betting on Detroit? Who? Anyone with the set of pair big enough to risk money on such weak and boneless team as the Lions? One look at their head coach and you feel like donating the game to them as they do not have to seem the juice to do it. And they don’t. That is why they are a straight up 0-4. They could be 2-2, but they are 0-4.

Fitzgerald is not so great against the Lions traditionally. The Lions are forcing the turn overs. If the Cards can force themselves to lose at home against the Rams – they can very well do that away in Detroit. The Lions have a good defense and a very bad offense. Defense will stay the same while offense will improve.

This is a 5 Units Play

DET Lions +3  -120  (bought a half a point but in few days there will be no need to buy as it will go to 3 easily)