NFL Week 4 TNF: WASH Redskins vs NY Giants

After hitting on a vacation with Mavin and the families – I must say that I am proud to personally know that person. I regained my trust in the world after spending some time with a pure human being who’s only goal in life seems to be improving this world we’re living in as much as a single person can. Well, he’s not alone. MK, me and Mavin – and our young friend Alan (KMT) will do everything we can to create at the least some financial comfort for our community here.

Well, the fourth week in NFL begins with two rivals both coming in with losing records and facing each other with somewhat misleading stats. When you look at the stats of the Redskins with the sacks – you must be thinking – the Giants are in trouble. But once you see that all 10 sacks came against the Jags – you know it is not going to be a case here. The banged up Skins won’t stand in the way of the Giants tonight.

17 players on injured list is something we all should consider before automatically supporting the Skins.

This is a 5 Units Play

NY Giants +3  -110