NFL Week 3: MNF GB Packers vs KC Chiefs

The Pack is due this year. We know it, the Seahawks know it, the NFL knows it, Vegas knows it. They did what they did last season to pave the way for the Seahawks to be victimized by Brady and the co. I lost a bunch on those last two games last playoffs wrongly figuring and assuming. If the Pack went through the Seahawks – I’d be having one more great winning season in NFL but those last seconds of that game which I was watching at one of the Vegas hotels – that cost me a lot. Rodgers owes me. The Pack owes me. And I always collect my debts. Always.

Does that mean the Pack will blow the Chiefs with a Clint Eastwood expression on the face? No. I don’t think so. The Chiefs are owed a cover and the under from their last game at home against Manning and the co. And the Pack is good at paying other teams debts.

Talking plain football – the game should have been capped at 27 – 22 Packers. But it is capped at 27-20 Packers.

My personal calculations if the football would be played as the real game – 39-21 Packers.

So, it either a real football and then the Pack will destroy the Chiefs and also get Over or it is a WWF in all the senses – script and wrestling wise with lots of penalties and the refs deciding about the Under and the Chiefs cover. Because it is MNF – I’ll go with the later.

Very small play here:

This is a 3 Units Play

KC Chiefs +6  -115