NFL Week 2: TNF KC Chiefs vs DEN Broncos Totals

The hardest triggers to pull on a single game days are the unders. Especially when the line is released as high as 46 points total and the Broncos are on one end and the Chiefs on another as the Chiefs have just scored 27 in Houston and the Broncos “are bound to score” a bunch after being limited to only 19 in Denver. We are used to associate Payton Manning with high scoring. The last time around in Arrowhead the teams scored 45 points with the totals set at 49 and there were only two overs in last 10 meetings between the teams. All because of the perception the overs are fashionable but not reasonable. Another major reason for pulling the trigger on under is the fact that despite 7 out of 10 bettors so far out of 9,267 totals bettors – took over. Yet, the totals line dropped. That can be only because of the big money on under or RLM when Vegas is inviting us to take over by lowering the line. One way or another – risking 5 units to check the cards of the script creators is worth for me.

I know how hard it is to go Under in prime time.It takes all the fun out of watching the game if you’re not a fan of one of the teams. Yeap. Vegas has been cashing big on that with the public and why change what works?

This is a 5 Units Play

Under 42  -110