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Pick Author: September 21st, 2015

NFL Week 2: MNF IND Colts vs NY Jets

Game Date Home Team Away Team Pick Units Odds State Invested Return Profit
09/21/2015 IND Colts NY Jets Away +7 3 -133 Win 399 699 300

First I wanted to find out why everyone is so hang on the Colts after their dead meet performance last week. So here is why:

INDIANAPOLIS is 11-1 ATS after a straight-up loss since the start of the 2012 season.

Indianapolis Colts are 15-1 ATS after a loss

Luck is 12-1 SU & 12-1 ATS after SU loss in his career

Andrew luck is 11-1 (1h) ATS in his career after a SU loss

INDIANAPOLIS is 8-0 ATS in a home game in which the total is between 45.5 and 49 points since the start of the 2012 season.

Then I wanted to know why there still are almost 2 out of 5 bettors that think the Jets are the play (ATS). So, this is what I found:

New York Jets 1 36 154 4.3 36.0 154.0 rushing offense
Indianapolis Colts 1 17 64 3.8 17.0 64.0

New York Jets 1 24.0 15.0 62.5 179 179.0 passing offense
Indianapolis Colts 1 49.0 26.0 53.1 243 243.0

New York Jets 1 32.0 18.0 56.3 217 217.0 pass defense
Indianapolis Colts 1 19.0 14.0 73.7 195 195.0

New York Jets 1 28 104 3.7 28.0 104.0 rush defense
Indianapolis Colts 1 36 147 4.1 36.0 147.0

plus and minus the stats by yards divide by 60.00min and x4 and that equals your favorite which is jets favored by 1.2pts i like jets think they cover and they are 5-4 h2h since 2001

So, there are still people wanting to pass the game. Here is one of the reasons:

trouble is storming in Indy, their head coach was turned down more money by management, he is making peanuts and the players are angry… they might lay down again this week…no bet

Now look at this:


The book says 8 point margin. And 7 out of 10 times they do that – it ends up opposite. Last time was KC DEN 24-17 ended up 24-31.

Also, the stats are way too obvious to be continued. And the money… “Vegas” is in the hole this week and I know they do not like the atmosphere there. But again – I may be reaching like in Buffalo game and may very well be that I complicate the situation and instead of just taking the obvious and betting it – I’m making a huge mistake risking 399$ out of over 5K earned here. Or am I risking it recklessly? Don’t go anywhere at the halftime.

This is a 3 Units Play

NY Jets +7 -133  (bought a point)

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