NFL Week 12: SNF DEN Broncos vs NE England Patriots

The picture is as follows. Pats are this season head above the other teams. They put their foot on the pedal whenever they want and they allow the opposition to cover when they can. In this game, the line opened at the Pats -5.5 and due to tremendous amount of money on the Broncos – mainly outside US, the line went down to -2.5. Once the books saw there is no way to balance this bet – they lowered the line to -1.5 and some even to -1 inviting action on the Pats to try to balance it. So, although the vast majority of the bettors are all over the pats – the money is 2.5 dollars against ever dollar on the Broncos. This is a very strange situation where the SNF favorite is also a books’ darling.  Any other Sunday I’d take the Broncos considering absent player’s impact on those playing and Osweiler factor – but not today. I am going with the football tonight where the better team will win and the better team is without a doubt the Pats.

I know I have disappointed many today and the recent 2 weeks (49-48) besides two 5-0  – one on NFL and the other on NBA – the rest of the days I did not have typical runs except few smaller. But with the winnings accumulated from the beginning of the season – I don’t feel anything but the poise to fight on and get the phixer train back on track. And I will. We will. I am very critical of myself and do feel that going with couple picks a day could be the safest way. Today is the last day with so many pick per day which will be limited to 3 the most and on special occasions only to 5 (rare occasions)  – so, lot to digest for me today and this week.

WHEN GOING GETS TOUGH – THE TOUGH GET GOING. It is always something I remind myself occasionally.

I play what I believe is right.

This is a 5 Units Play

NE Patriots ML  -130