NFL Week 10: OAK Raiders vs DEN Broncos

After an “embarrasment” in Foxboro – the Broncos will chew the Raiders out as LVSC in this instance was trapped. Accoding to PPG averages – the Broncos should have won by TD only because their loss to NE caused the PPG average to be what it is now. So, because of the strength they added another 3.5 points to the line making it TD+FG+0.5 points turning the line into funny Denver -10.5. Also the Raiders loss only by a vTD contributed to all that. Although the refs will do their best to keep the Broncos down as much as they can – they can’t do much and should protect Manning which will make the Oakland case harder to win a penalty fight against the Broncos. My projection here is 21 points Denver. Or I am totally misreading it here. I will take my chances because of the circumstantial play.

This is a 5 Units Play

DEN Broncos -10.5  -110