NFL Week 10: DEN Broncos vs KC Chiefs First Half

When the game line says Denver -3.5 and the first half line says Denver -3, usually that means that Denver covers first half line because most of the people are jumping on the Chiefs finding a “metzieh” in form of “vegas made a mistake” and then the Chiefs – after losing first half ATS will backdoor cover the game. That happened countless times in the past and the most recent was  in a SD vs CHI game and we made a small fortune on that s. Today too I wanted to play Carolina first half -3 although I had the Titans to cover the game but refrained myself from doing that in order to check the trend again. With 7 minutes left in the first half in Tennessee and the Panthers up 14-10 with the ball in their possession at their half – I believe the trend is holding.

Anyway – with a bankroll we created – we have all the tools to check the trends we believe in and if that is what brought us till here – let’s do it. We always have prime time games to dwell on anyways like tonight and tomorrow night. No fear!

I am just wondering if it is not too early to post now so we suddenly do not change the equation so nicely produced till now. We are slowly gathering immense power as with the following we have here we truly are able to move things around. For those who are giggling – I am in Vegas in January to feel the field and see what is going to be a best venue for us to act on with the Money Management that I am going to introduce. Since we do not depend on books and have no BS dealings with them – no one can limit us winning if you don’t make the mistakes I did by not uploading penny for years (because I didn’t have to) and only withdrawing. Now I ‘m paying the price by hitting the wall and being forced to find other ways to make money from my own picks.

This is a 5 Units Play

DEN Broncos -3  -105  First Half