NFC Wildcard Playoff Sunday: DAL Cowboys vs DET Lions

When looking at this game and going over the numbers altogether – we all came to an understanding that strange RLM happening with this game has to be treated carefully.

MK – In previous two meetings between the two QB’s  – Stafford and the Lions rallied back in both to win. This time I believe that the Lions will open strong and the Cowboys will finish strong. I assign that RLM to that. DAL Cowboys -6

SportsMavin – Since the Lions have the best rushing defense while the Cowboys have the second best rushing offense – the most of the game will be decided in the air. Romo time is here and as much as I do not trust that QB – have to straighten up and go with the Cowboys. DAL Cowboys -6

KingMidasTouch – For me there is no trust in the Cowboys whatsover and if the line moves the way it did – I go for the Lions to here.  DET Lions +6

VagasWikiLeaks – Well, Suh had to be suspended but Vegas figured that would be too easy for the bettors  – so he just got the 70K fine and is allowed to play but will be on a very short leash. That will enable Murray to exploit the sudden hole in the Lions’ rush defense and the Cowboys will take an advantage of that. DAL Cowboys -6

Phixer – I say it is the Cowboys by two touchdowns at the least. Easy.  DAL Cowboys -6

Since it is my pick and I decide the final call:

This is a 10 Units Play

DAL Cowboys -6  -110