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Pick Author: December 30th, 2014

NFC Wildcard Playoff: CAR Panthers vs ARI Cardinals

Game Date Home Team Away Team Pick Units Odds State Invested Return Profit
01/03/2015 CAR Panthers ARI Cardinals Home -6 10 -110 Win 1100 2100 1000

Well. this is the money time and it is also 4 days before the game. The concept of handicapping a wildcard game as early as this is quiet experimental. It was MK’s idea to have a cool headed handicapping without being brainwashed by the media dn vegas regarding the game circumstances as the wildcard games are about being exactly that – wild.

MK: I am picking the Cardinals here to cover with 6 points at the hands in a game where both teams know they will not get any further than the next stage. The Cardinals are more of a defensive team allowing just a little over 18 points a game while the Panthers would need to score more than that to win and cover -6 line.  ARI Cardinals +6

SportsMavin: Last games have proven the Panther’s resilience, but considering the weakness of their Divisional record against the Cardinals and the fact that according to the lines the game should end somewhere at 22-16 Carolina – I think that the Cardinals will not allow that kind of a low production on their part and the line dropping from 39 total points to 37.5 proves that the game is expected to be played in a defensive mode on the part of the both teams. I also pick the Cardinals here. ARI Cardinals +6

KingMidasTouch: I do not believe that the Cardinals are good to win anymore games this season. But I alos must agree that the line is set to high at  6 points. I pick ARI Cardinals +6

VagasWikiLeaks: First of all I want to thank MK for allowing me to be a part of the team here. I also want to thankother members of the team for welcoming me here. As far as the game in Carolina goees – I think quite opposite to what my elder and most respected colleagues think. In my opnion – the line was set high inviting people to bet Arizona because it is otherwise against all common sense to make a negative record holder a 6 points favorite against the team that led it’s division most of the regular season. CAR Panthers -6

Phixer: I go with VWL here and will pick the local team to cover. CAR Panthers -6

Since it is my pick and we did not come here to any consencus as to who will win and cover – I will go with my pick all the way.

This is a 10 Units Play

CAR Panthers -6  -110

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