NCAAB Sunday: Michigan State vs Nebraska Totals

After such unfortunate run by my colleagues – I am glad to help stabilize the ship and give some picks that are close to my emotions as well as son of an ex Spartan star.

Well, there’s no question about the Spartans ability to score at home. They average over 82 PPG while the Cornsuckers allow almost 74 PPG away. Which tells me that the Spartans should score close to 78 points this late afternoon. As far as the Cornsuckers go – their away scoring average calculated with the Spartans home defense should produce around 65 points. That’s 143 points projected. Yet, the line was released and stayed at 135 points more likely projecting close to 74-61 or 65-60 given the ATS for a game. The fact that despite 75% support for Over the line stayed as it was released – tells me a tale of mucho dinar on Under needed to set off the 75% of the bets on Over.

So, what should we go with here? Should I believe that Vegas knows something we don’t? Because I do not subscribe to an innocent mistake by LVSC theory. Two interesting stats are that both teams combined for 9 unders in their last 10 games combined. So, that alone is enough reason for LVSC to release such low line. The most interesting is how LVSC divided the scoring between the two halves: the line for the first half totals stands at 62.5 (!!!!!) while for a second half at 72.5(!!!!!). So, do they expect a close game towards the end of the game and lost of fouls committed? I am siding with Under here.

Under 135  -110