NCAAB Final Four: Wisconsin vs Kentucky Double result

Bo Ryan and John Calipari deserve to play this game as a Final in my opinion as Florida is nowhere near those two teams. So, I will treat it as a final game and this way we will enjoy two finals in one season. How’s that. One and Done Widcats against the Badgers who are probably the only capable team to offer any resistance to the Wildcats in the Money Time. The game is not going to be as defensive as the Badgers would like to as the Wildcats – after usually opening like a sleep walking team – turn on the engines and run away with still giving you small hopes here and there only to punch you in the face NBA style at the end (Good old NBA, not today’s charade).

We always need this top young players  come in and remind us what the Basketball was all about before Corporate America moved in. So let’s enjoy it. I see this game ending something like 73-71 in favor of the Wildcats. May be even an Overtime, but in the Money time it will be the Wildcats. Or may be not. I am not a prophet. One thing I do see worth of my money is the first half Badgers leading and the game goes to the Wildcats. I will risk one unit for that exotic bet with +500. The Wildcats played that scenario all along their way since the win over KSU which they won the half and the game. They lost 37-31 to the Shockers in the first and won 78-76, tyhey lost to the Cardinals 34-31 in the first half only to win 74-69. They nearly lost to Michigan the first (37-37) and won the game 75-72.

Double Result:  Wisconsin – Kentucky  (Meaning the first half Wisconsin wins and Kentucky wins the game) +500