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Pick Author: February 6th, 2014

NBA Wednesday: SAC Kings vs TOR Raptors

Game Date Home Team Away Team Pick Units Odds State Invested Return Profit
02/05/2014 SAC Kings TOR Raptors Away ML 3 -105 Loss 315 0 -315

I don’t mix any emotions in my picks. Generally I don’t. But I am really going to enjoy this one. You see, there are some players in the League that I call totally self oriented players which only play for their stats and their contracts without understanding that Basketball is not Tennis. It is not an individual sport. Great players make other players on the team to look better too. But there are also players that as much as their personal numbers look good – the team is playing worse. That is exactly the problem Rudy Gay is for any team who first acquires him to bring more fans to see the show – but pretty soon realizes together with the fans that the circus does not get wins and does not pay off. So, Rudy Gay is off to his second trade in one year and averaging nice number and sports a great shooting percentage – but the Kings still are playing bad and no results are showing in a positive column any better than before Gay.

Now, the public is all over the Kings anticipating Gay “revenge” on the Raptors for the trade. Ha. Like he cares… And for your information – the defensive end of the Raptors will be waiting for him as he really was not a darling of the players there in his Toronto stint.

I only went once against the Raptors away this season and paid dearly. No more. Once of the bets ATS teams in the League and ATS winners in recent 5 – the Raptors are my choice here.

This is a 3 Units Play

TOR Raptors ML  -105

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