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Pick Author: November 18th, 2015

NBA Wednesday: SA Spurs vs DEN Nuggets

Game Date Home Team Away Team Pick Units Odds State Invested Return Profit
11/18/2015 SA Spurs DEN Nuggets Home -13.5 3 -110 Loss 330 0 -330

This is the last game of a 3 game home stand for the Spurs. With Kwahi Leonard back and playing the Nuggets for whom it is a fourth game in 6 night,the line issued by the odds makers – no matter how stretched it look – is definitely a comfortable one for the Spurs backers. It also kinda has a hint inside. Because arithmetically – the score should be 102-95 based on teams’ stats. Give it another 3 points for a home advantage and you still get a 10 points line for the Spurs. So why 13.5? Kwahi Leonard? OK. Give us another 1.5 points – mostly defensively meaning the Nuggets gonna score less. And that is where the catch comes in. And not that I haven’t been wrong before on thinking I caught the catch. I have been wrong before. But definitely have been right much more times. And that catch is in form of the total’s line which was issued at the beginning as 195.5 and went up 2 points to 197.5 despite most of the bettors being on Under. And the last nail is in form of the team totals: the Spurs team totals were issued as 104 and is now up to 104.5 while the Nuggets team totals went down from 91.5 to 91. I know – you ask yourself: how come 104-91.5 and the line was issued as 13.5? That is another hint we will talk about in another chapter of the Kentucky Fried Movie.

This is a 3 Units Play

SA Spurs -13.5  -110

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