NBA Wednesday: NY Knicks vs POR Trailblazers Totals

Well. if I was to think that we live in a perfectly engineered world (which is indeed)  and professional sports are part of that (but it is not) – I’d say that the reason for the Trailblazers’ recent struggles is one or more technicalities or performance. Like their scoring struggles have something to do with the pick n’ roll execution against the better defensive teams in that area… or that the Knicks are so bad in that area defensively that they are up to be destroyed tonight with their 0.89 points per play on pick n’ roll defensive scoring. But – the line of totals that was released at 208 and should have gone up since the Over is a popular bet with public in this game, and for a reason that the public strongly believes that the Trailblazers are due to win here and if they are – the Over should kick in. Well, I agree. I agree that the Trailblazers are way better team than -3  – which BTW is down to -2.5 despite the strong showing of support on public’s part for Portland to win ATS and ML.

So, the decision in this game should be between the Portland and Over… or the Knicks and Under. And because the Knicks just gave Vegas a present in Milwaukee, and because the Trailblazers “owe” a lots of losses ATS – this must be a Knicks and Under.

Which is more probable? The Knicks winning ATS or Under? I will go with Under at first and check the other possibility later on the evening. Like in most cases with such line movement (already at 206 from 208 while when I started to write this article – it was at 207!!!) I will buy back the points.

This is a 3 Units Play

Under 208  -135