NBA Wednesday: IND Pacers vs MIA Heat

If you call it a rivalry – so be it. In reality the Heat are a best team in NBA and when the time will come – it will be proven. And not that I am a big fan of the Heat. Both teams let the foot off the pedal lately letting lesser teams to balance their ATS records and Vegas and Wise Guys grab their earnings. But now it’s a show time and when show time is in the town combined with majority of the public supporting the Pacers – I know Miami is bracing for winning here and most probably giving up the game at home to create a false expectations for the playoffs. Yeah. That much we believe in NBA. “I know everybody’s trying to make the games important back in December,” Bosh said. “Well, now they’re important.” Ok, Chris. Let’s see if your money is where your mouth is.

MIA Heat ML  +110