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Pick Author: November 25th, 2015

NBA Wednesday: CHA Hornets vs WASH Wizards First Half Totals

Game Date Home Team Away Team Pick Units Odds State Invested Return Profit
11/25/2015 CHA Hornets WSH Wizards Over 109 1H 2 -110 Win 220 420 200

The lines for this game opened up at 210 for the game and 108 for the first half.  The first reaction on the line from the so called “sharps” from US market mainly was to go Under for the game. The notion was not supported by Asian markets this morning as it usually is when there is some commonly coordinated moves. The books adjusted the line to 210.5 for the game and 108.5 for the first half which was already an interesting move hinting that the first half is dictating the line movement. The Under bettors continued to funnel the money in and the books reaction was raising the line for another half a point to 109 for the first half and 211 for the game. In some way inviting Under bets in.

Since the first half continues to dictate the line – I’ll be willing to take a small 2 units bets to check the hands of Vegas to see if we have indeed cracked the code – at least in this instance.

Last night – the first half vs game totals number anomaly produced diversified results and I’d like to present them to you:

Opened at 203

Closed at 204.5

Atlanta vs Boston First Half opened at 97.5 and closed at 98.5.

The result was 105 points the first half and 218 the game.

Compared to today we have opposite situation but with the same movement. Up.

Last night in that particular game that cost us 4 picks – 7 out of every 10 dollars were on Over.

If to judge by that game – we have a solid Under in the first half and even more solid Under for the game.

But then there was another game with great anomaly: Portland vs Chicago.

The line opened at 201.5, moved to 202.5 and came back at 201.5.

The first half totals opened at 99 and stayed so.

6 out of every 10 dollars were on Over.

The Under hit here for the fist half and the game as well.

Absolutely opposite to what happened in the game in Atlanta.

The conclusion is very simple.

We should take two games and go with one of the direction saying that the first half dictates the game and try to uncover the pattern if there is any besides some trader for the books falling asleep at his job and us building Nietzsche theories.

This is a 2 Units Play

Over 109 First Half  -110

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