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Pick Author: December 2nd, 2015

NBA Wednesday: CHA Hornets vs GS Warriors

Game Date Home Team Away Team Pick Units Odds State Invested Return Profit
12/02/2015 CHA Hornets GS Warriors Home +10 5 -125 Loss 625 0 -625

There always will be people looking at my first half picks with the certain degree of suspicion and mistrust. Well, I don’t blame them judging by the results so far on that sort of the play. But, then it also must be understood that the GRIT is my main driving force and that means that only through mastering certain trends and practices -we can really achieve the desired results.

The Hornets’ owner is not a person that will present on a platter another win to the streaking Warriors. And each game the Warriors play gets them closer to the first loss of the season.  And more games the Dubs will continue winning – more we will be supporting an opposing team at least with the points. And at this instance – MJ’s team awarded 9 extra  points at home has a value for me.

The reasons for this pick are as follow:

1. The Warriors are getting closer with each game to losing a game straight up – therefore any opposing team’s chances to be the one who will beat the Warriors is increasing given the motivation factor on top of the fat amount of points they get before the game even started. Especially at home.

2. Being 9 point underdog at home is a way out of line for a team with a positive record and who gives a great fight to any good team on it’s way like in the recent one to the Cavs.

3. The books are clearly manipulating the line by setting it now at GS -9 at -115 and Charlotte +9 at -105 inviting the public to bet the Dubs while the Hornets +10 (the original line) costs only  -125 for those able to buy.

The only risk here is a private agenda Curry may have trying proving to MJ something that can never can be proved – that e is actually a greater influence on the game than MJ was. As stupid as it sounds – the latest media comparisons on  the subject may have had some influence on Curry. But then on the other hand – MJ can have the same agenda on his side with the opposing motives and MJ is a great competitor. I know he can’t play – but he sure knows how to shorten the steps of Curry.

This is a 5 Units Play

CHA Hornets  +10  -125  (you can also get +9 with 3 units if you wish)

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