NBA Wednesday: BOS Celtics vs TOR Raptors Totals

Well, with Phixer vacationing – I will take the NBA responsibility on myself tonight and will try shake off my rust. Besides – with all the Binary Options signals and VOL1 System – I kinda neglected NBA lately and it will be fun to feel the League again.

I chose this game as my first one tonight because of some strange behavior of the line correlated with Big Money flowing opposite direction of Logic and the majority of the bets placed. Let me explain why I am convinced the game is going Over : those teams played twice this season and both times went Under with 171 points in the first game and 180 points in the second. And despite the line being 194 for the second game and 14 points less being score – the line LVSC chose to publish today was 194 again and now it is  2.5 points up despite the majority of the totals bet being Under. The only explanation to the high line can be the team’s recent offensive valor.

I will take my chances with Over here and only will buy back to the original 194 points.

Over 194  -140