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Pick Author: December 5th, 2015

NBA Special Bet: Parlay Double Teaser

Game Date Home Team Away Team Pick Units Odds State Invested Return Profit
12/05/2015 TOR Raptors (+) SA Spurs GS Warriors (+) BOS Celtics Over 201 (+) Over 184.5 5 -107 Win 535 1035 500

This is a 5 Units Play

TOR Raptors vs GS Warriors Over 201  -250 (+) SA Spurs vs BOS Celtics Over 184.5  -260 = -107

5 point teasers are ok too. 10 points if you have them are super secure. With my own site there will be direct recommendations where to fimd those if you wish to find. But there will be no affiliating the books. Only verbal recommendations.


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