NBA Saturday: GS Warriors vs BKN Nets

Mark Jackson vs Jason Kidd? I would not bet against Jason Kidd not covering here.Last game of the day. ATS and ML are all Warriors. Public is ecstatic already envisioning covering the losses of the day and even more with such low line as -4.5 for the hosts. The networks are promoting an easy win for the Warriors and everybody’s happy they caught the bookies with their paints down. Sounds familiar? Does it sound familiar as well that the line released at the Warriors -6 is now only -4.5? How come? Well, we already have seen that happen many times and know the answer more or less that only the Big Money can do that. And in this case it must be some Big Money.I’ll buy the Nets their 1.5 points back.

This is a 3 Units Play

BKN Nets +6  -140