NBA Playoffs Monday: LA Clippers vs GS Warriors

I haven’t been doing too well in NBA this season. Regular season was very bad by my standards and my hopes for a turnaround in Playoffs are fading away with every game so far. I lost all 4 picks in the Playoffs and as one who over the years enjoyed winning based on understanding how the things work in  Professional Sports – is far from being spot on this postseason. Am I worried? Absolutely not as I would pick the same games with the same outcomes if I had to do it again and that is what gives me a confidence that at some point the things will get back to be the way they were before and the same approach that brought me success before – will bring success again.

Before handicapping the game 2 in Staples Center  – I’d like to quote for you several sentences from ESPN’s preview for tonight’s game:

” The Clippers insist they just weren’t themselves in losing their series opener. They chalk it up to being too amped, which led to mistakes on both ends. Whoever those impostors might have been, the Golden State Warriors beat them 109-105 to take away home-court advantage.”

The things that influenced Game 1 were the Refs most of all as ESPN dares to admit and we all saw what happened there with so many fouls called (as we predicted here at and cashed on Over). They have turned the Clippers’ game by neutralizing key players and created Over as well.

This game will be different.

This is a 3 Units Play

LA Clippers -8  -110